Catering for your needs

Cafe on the Park specialises in Catering and we do our best to make your event a successful one. It's very much part of our culture to enjoy food for any occasion and our catering service has a wide variety of menu options for you to choose from, view our catering options here. Naomi Butler-Moore is the Chef & Supervisor of Cafe on the Park and she takes a great deal of pride in her food preparation and presentation with many years of experience. To contact Naomi Butler-Moore to discuss your catering questions and options either call on (03) 9720 5097 or email her at

Please allow a minimum of 72 hours when ordering catering.

Catering options

Cafe on the Parks head chef and supervisor; Naomi Butler-Moore has been working in the hospitality industry for many years now and she knows what great service and delicious food is all about. With a wide range of dishes and banquets to choose from you are spoilt for choice with our catering service. You can view our catering menu here.

Birthday parties

What is the first word that comes to mind when you think of catering for a party?  If it's "STRESS" then you're not alone. Firstly there's the guests and if you invite cousin Ethel then you can't not invite uncle Ralph. Secondly there's the food as cousin Ethel is wheat intolerant, uncle Ralph is lactose intolerant and auntie Bessie is just intolerant. Last but not least, do you have the party at your place when you know aunt Bessie is going to get legless and hit on uncle Ralph and try and cut a rug on your brand new polished floorboards with her leopard skinned stilettos? Or, do you choose one of 3 venues at Glen Park Community Centre? I think the latter. We not only cater for your special occasion but we also offer you the space to do it. No stress, no fuss. Oh, but we don't choose your guests for you.

Conferences and meetings

A great way to conduct a meeting, workshop or work conference is to offer some great food and a private setting. We have a catering menu dedicated to finger foods which are not only easy to eat with no mess and no fuss but are also delicious. Offering boardroom settings and professional service, our Centre would be an excellent choice.

Catering Order Form

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