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Fresh new tastes

Naomi Moore, resident Chef and Supervisor has once again created some delicious new dishes for you to enjoy.

Try our new omelettes with a choice of ham, cheese & tomato OR capsicum, mushroom, onion & cheese. There is the all new Veggie Breakfast but if you are a meat lover then the Big Breakfast won’t disappoint. The Roast Veggie focaccia’s are proving to be a hit with the locals but no one can go past the ever traditional but never out of fashion Chicken Parma! You will want to try every one of us. Introducing the Traditional Parma with homemade tomato sauce, ham & melted cheese, the Hawaiian Parma with ham, pineapple & topped with melted cheese and last but not least, the Texas Parma with homemade barbeque sauces, bacon and melted cheese.